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Hamar and Hamar is a truly unique law firm with cornerstone principles of:
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January 10, 2010, filed by H & H press-

Hamar & Hamar, a professional association has expanded its formal offices to include downtown San Diego, California. The firm is now located in the Emerald Plaza Building located a few blocks from most federal and state courts. The firm has video conferencing capabilities amongst many hi-tech features. Hamar & Hamar has had a long standing international presence with bar memberships on three coasts (California and Hawaii)and is now digging deeper roots in Southern California and Northern Mexico. “We consistently have legal cases in San Diego and we have many clients south of the border so we needed a way to better serve this region.” Richard Hamar also said that it is also helpful in providing legal services to our Orange County clients as the coming and going between Los Angeles and San Diego necessarily includes more time and presence in this vibrant legal market. Hamar concluded,”We are also personally enthused because we love the region and have so many friends and interests, including golf and surfing, in the area so the travel will not seem entirely like work.

December 21, 2009, filed by H & H press-

The daughters of Richard Hamar are following in the family tradition and will strive to preserve the name Hamar as synonymous with skilled and devoted legal service.Cassie and Diana are now both lawyers. Cassie works in New York City and Diana in D.C.

Richard Hamar